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Kid's Yoga - The union of body & soul. Happiness, Physical Fitness, and Spiritual Well-Being All Rolled Into One Dynamic Experience!

Yoga teaches compassion and self-awareness. As your child grows emotionally, they'll also get stronger physically! Balance coordination, and good vibes are part of every class.

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A Secret that goes back thousands of years...

Centuries upon centuries ago, Tibetan monks uncovered movements that tapped into the soul. These movements release anger, pain & frustration. The super-secret moves focused on breathing deeply and welcome peace, joy & bliss into your life…and you know what, they were yoga movements!

Fast forward to present day and you can see many similarities between athletic movements and yoga poses. Yoga is fun, challenging, and deeply rewarding.

Kids have a blast trying to balance and focus their mind while parents love to see the improvements in school and home life start to stack up.  

Yoga movements have been used in children’s therapies to help with post-traumatic stress disorder for decades – it has even been taught to children dealing with anxiety and anger management issues with great success!

Healthy Kids Turn Into Healthy Adults

Your kids will get to explore fun poses (like downward dog and volcano pose!) with guidance from our wonderful instructors... and even help from other students! We work as a team in class so everyone feels comfortable.

The focus is on stretching, breathing properly, and meditating while making new friends and setting up great habits for the future. Did you know that kids get stressed out too? In class, they’ll learn to purge stressful thoughts, freeing the mind and becoming more positive class by class.

Yoga helps the body in so many ways! It improves joint function... relieves muscle cramping & pain... soothes stress... improves blood pressure...reduces anxiety... and so much more!

These issues might not be super important to kids now, but, in the future they will be so happy they started taking care of themselves at a young age.

Perfect for Kids of All Fitness Levels & Body Shapes

It’s been said that yoga is the basis of many ancient martial arts moves! Some yoga is intense with handstands and planks, while other forms are soothing and nurture joint flexibility well into old age. Because of this, there is no one true “yoga body”. And we totally dig that!

No matter what your kid’s starting level is, they will benefit from better breath control (perfect for swimmers!), increased balance, strength & coordination, and learning to accept their body.

Kids are concerned about their body? You bet! Yoga actually helps young adults and children become body-aware... they get comfortable learning how to physically maneuver themselves….even when growth spurts hit!

Yoga is gentle, non-intimidating, and can be done practically anywhere!

These classes are in no way about religious beliefs or pushing an agenda. They're all about healthy exercise, internal peace, and getting your kids to be comfortable with being their own amazing selves - plain and simple.

Caring Instructors Guide Your Child Every Step Of The Way

Did you know that there are many different forms of yoga? We're super passionate about getting kids to move their bodies, get their mind focused while learning new moves, and finding a little laughter in the day. Our high-energy approach to your child’s well-being will have them talking about class all through dinner.

Yoga has been such an important, healing part of our lives – we just can’t contain our excitement and hope to inspire the students to be just as vibrant in their daily lives.

Our goal is to share this passion with you and your family, so you can experience the incredible benefits yoga has to offer for many years to come.

Just enter your email below for instant access
to our class schedule - and the web special

*We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!